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Cognitive-Behavioral therapy (CBT) has appeared to be most effective for most mental health issues according to research studies. It acknowledges that our thoughts affect our bodily responses, emotions, and behaviors.

Try it now. Imagine a big juicy lemon in front of you. See it cut in half. Take it into your hand and breathe in its fresh lemony tartness. Imagine biting into it. Taste the sour juice against your lips, and notice how you immediately pucker up and begin to salivate. This is the power of the mind to affect the body! When we change our thought or perspective about something, the body responds by producing a different set of chemicals and hormones. These trigger a new emotional and physical feeling, and a distinctive behavioral response. Before you read this paragraph, you likely were not thinking of lemons. As soon as you started visualizing the lemon, your thoughts and physical reactions began to change.

I always help you become more aware of your thoughts and the habitual ways of responding that may be creating problems for you. As you increase your level of insight, you will transform from unconscious to more conscious ways of living. Conscious choices give us more freedom and peace of mind, and lead to more permanent changes in our old patterns of behavior. Examples of cognitive-behavioral techniques used for different treatments include logging self-limiting beliefs and reactive emotions, discussing thoughts around food or addictive substances, and restructuring activities to induce sleep.

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